192 definition by luke

A game of kicking your opponents balls to settle a dispute between two men.
My roomate Dean and I were arguing about who was supposed to do the dishes, I kicked him once and now he asks to do my dishes for me.
by luke December 03, 2003

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A dull piece of literature, oddly considered a classic. Flat characters with no real developement. The floor plan for what is now, and what was always intended to be, a franchise of epic proportions. Christians think it's evil.
Only soccer players, kids the ages of 8-14, and people who don't know fine literature read harry Potter.

I think it's great that little Satanist have something to read and learn about or dark lord, satan!
by Luke July 20, 2004

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A person who spends a lot of time visiting with and making ever-more friends and acquaintances. The socialite and his/her friends tend to be from "high society" and therefore usually have lots of money and an appreciation for forms of "high culture" such as the fine arts.
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's plays a socialite because she goes to parties in rich and famous people's apartments every night.
by Luke August 27, 2004

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