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being inthe zone
Man, luke is strokin it!
by Luke March 12, 2003
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"this gin is the shiznay!"
by Luke October 18, 2001
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"Listen to me, ya jak!"
by Luke January 12, 2003
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As in Zulu time, GMT.
When the military plans an operation they plan it in Zulu time. Seeing as it might cross multiple time zones.
by Luke January 30, 2003
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A crazed german albino, which r good at basketball, and can jump like a brotha
Hey drautz u nazi go grab the rim
by Luke February 20, 2004
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is a type of crisp such as the well known and widely oved razzels. Have a bacon appearence and taste and are made to look like bacon
by Luke May 4, 2004
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