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during sex, one person is underneath the other. that would be the bottom, who is usually the less dominant one in the relationship.
Beca is obviously a bottom when it comes to sex with her girlfriend, Chloe.
by fenrys January 17, 2018
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1) Someone who prefers to take a more submissive role in sexual situations. This definition pertains to the B/D/S/M (Bondage and Domination, Domimation and Submission, Sado-Masochism) scene.

2) A homosexual male who either a) enjoys receiving anal penetration or b) is activeluy involved in being anally penetrated.
1) You can tell she's a bottom because she's wearing a collar.

2) Oh, Jeff is such a bottom. As soon as any cute guy walks past he's on his back with his knees by his ears!
by DocLightning November 09, 2004
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a person in a relationship who plays the submissive role (and not always in SEX you DUMB BITCH VINCENT)

usually bottoms don't initiate the romance โ€” they're the ones who get kissed rather than do the kissing

(also they're the ones literally on the bottom during the good shit eheheheh)
"Wow Vincent is such a fucking bottom."

"What the fuck does that mean?"
by thatonedumbafbitch December 01, 2018
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A homosexual male (sometimes used to describe a homosexual female) who normally has the submissive role in sex, not pertaining to physical positioning.
At first notice he seems like a great dominant top, but when you get him in bed he turns into a shy, coy bottom.
by SupraX February 02, 2004
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As a verb, to be the bottom in gay sex.
He's usually a top, but he'll bottom for the right guy.
by Roody August 17, 2005
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A person of any above description who is more passive in a sexual situation. Allows the other person to set the tone/method of sex. May or may not include S & M, fantasy role play or fetishes. If it does include S & M, the bottom will be the receptor of bondage & pain play and will be the server of the top.
by dijjn June 04, 2003
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