The proper way to spell this word is "douche" bag. As every knows, a "douche" is a vaginal cleaning. Hence the word "douche bag" relates to a dirty, fetid, lowly, or stupid person; an ignorant derelict.
Stop wasting time, DOUCHE BAG.

Hey DOUCHE BAG, get your muddy ass sneakers off my carpet.
by neomega July 3, 2003
when some1 has a lil too much cheese on there taco, it cleans u up( eg. ur mummy and daddy)
by Peter Dooshbag March 11, 2003
A boy that is hated by the rest. a.k.a jordan silver
"boy that kid is a serious dooshbag"
by - - - - -- - February 26, 2003
With this Douchbag i can 'go' without actually going.
by Alex August 13, 2003
Northeast Philadelphia motorcycle gang comprised of sexy non-harley hogs and hog riders that are susceptable to Pabst, boobies, hippie music and not wearing helmuts. *note: clarify which kind of dooshbag you are talking about by saying either 'in a good way' (which would mean gang member) or 'in a bad way' (a dickhead) after the actual word 'dooshbag'
eg.1:That guy Frank is a real dooshbag... in a good way!

eg.2:That Nicholas Cage is a real dooshbag... in a bad way.
by Dooshbags of NE Philadelphia September 8, 2006
peter dodds is a dooshbag
numpty dooshbag
by john hutton July 19, 2003