Adjective- To be like a frood (to be really amazingly together). Commonly used in Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy of five books.
"Listen Ford," said Zaphod, "everything's cool and froody."

"You mean everything's under control."

"No," said Zaphod, "I do not mean everything's under control.
That would not be cool and froody. If you want to know what
happened let's just say I had the whole situation in my pocket. OK?"

-The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
by NeNay April 24, 2004
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Unbelieveably excellent, especially in a chilled-out, laid back way.

See also frood.

{::froodier, -est; unfroody. Origin: Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guilde to the Galaxy books.}
Mate, there is no eating place froodier than Newtown Thai 2

Theatresports at Manning is just damn froody.

He's got to be the froodiest guy I've ever met.

Damn, why the hell are the SRC being so unfroody about VSU?
by Flynn_Mac May 6, 2006
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Cool. From The Hitch Hikers series, when Zaphod describes something as "cool and froody".
"how froody is that new gizmo?"
by Luke October 10, 2003
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cool! (kewl) derived from the word froodilicous, also known as great
oh my god your ass looks so froody in that dress!
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
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Friends who enjoy cooking and experimenting with new foods and recipes. They often share private photos amongst common "froodies" who have an appreciation for cooking.

Friend + foodie = froodie
I made Salmon with Black Garlic Glaze for dinner last night. I sent a photo of it to my fellow froodie, Jessica.
by Call me SJ December 8, 2016
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Something/Someone that is both froody and unfroody.
"Hey, am I froody?" "Nah, you're semi-froody"
by Random F. F. Dent June 27, 2019
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