39 definitions by leon

leon is a guy
leona is a girl
by leon October 27, 2004
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A vegitarian who has diaria.
by leon February 27, 2003
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like "unlucky" or "bummer" not the homosexual meaning of bummer though!
Boy 1: My bitch dumped me last night man

Boy 2: Savaaaage!
by leon December 28, 2004
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Person who is wider than they are tall.

- a human chode
by leon December 17, 2003
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A disgusting human being. This person has huge swollen and yellow facial features. See Tank.
Did you see Farley last night? he looked like shit, man that guy has a pancreas face!!
by leon March 10, 2003
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The act of Police officers driving around the block one time then driving away.
"One time," warned Ramone as he and Bernard shopped for rims.
by leon May 22, 2003
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OPinions & EDitorials
An op-ed peice for the NY times
by leon June 19, 2006
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