A private nickname Shin-Ae gives Kousuke in the webtoon"I Love Yoo"
"I can't stay at this party any longer after ruining that Q-tip's suit... curse this hunger of mine..." - Shin-Ae Yoo's inner monologue after her first encounter with Kousuke Hirara
by dragonfly-her? August 23, 2019
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A little white stick with cotton swabs on either end. Useful for sticking in a bodily orifice where a finger can't reach
little johnny swabbed his asshole with a Q-tip and presented it to his mother
by Winnie The Shit November 9, 2003
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Super smooth rapper of Tribe Called Quest fame
fartsman: hey q-tip, those are some funky fresh jams
q-tip: thanks!
by fartsman July 9, 2005
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Epithet of Quanell X (Quanell Ralph Evans), leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, Texas.
Did you see Q-tip leading the civil rights protest at city hall yesterday?
by Texasblueknight January 21, 2013
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An elderly person. So called because, like a cotton swab, they're white on both ends: white hair and those white walking shoes!
Everyone was tired of the Q-tip who was holding up the line at the bank.
by uspowner April 2, 2006
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1. A paper/plasic stick with cotton on both ends of it.
Used to clean wax out of your ear or touch up your makeup.

2. An old person with white hair and white walking shoes.
1. "I hadn't cleaned my ears for 5 days. When I finally did, I could hear better, and SO much wax came out! I had to use 3 Q-tips before it was all out!"
"Haha. Sick!"

2. "This Q-tip was deaf! I had to repeat myself, like, 30 times!"
"Dude...That sux!"
by Bond, JAMES bond! April 25, 2009
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