A song about the spirit of the night man that comes into your room at night and pins you down with his strong arms and you try to fight him but he comes inside you and fills you up and you become him. An invention of Charlie Kelly from It's always sunny in Philadelphia.
Charlie: "It's a song about the spirit of the night man coming inside me and I become him- I become the spirit of the night man."

Mac: "It sounds like a song where a man breaks into your house and rapes you"

Charlie: "where are you getting that from?"
by Bluefrawg October 17, 2007
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The nemesis of the dayman, and the original fictional character made by Charlie Kelly on the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He is believed to be the manifestation of Charlie's dark childhood and possible molestation.
Mac: What's this new song about Charlie?

Charlie: Night man, and how he goes fills you up inside to possess you.

Mac: Charlie, that totally sounds like rape.
by The Golden God Part 2 June 30, 2019
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Night Man is a fictious character from a song used in the television series "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". In the song he is portrayed as a mystical figure empowering a mortal man. How ever the lyrics seem to suggest more that he is a homosexual that rapes other men.
"They took you Night Man and you don't belong to them. They left me in a world of darknes with out your sexy hands and i miss you Night Man, so bad."
by Brock Heron October 18, 2007
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The name of the play that Charlie Day writes in the television show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The play is written to try to win over the heart of a waitress played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis. At the end of the play, Charlie confesses that the whole play was about him and proposes to the waitress, only to be rejected. The Night Man Cometh is also the name of the episode.
Greg: Did you see the night man cometh?

Perry: Yeah, Charlie Day is a mess.
by CharlieDay February 1, 2009
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When two straight guys meet at a bar and become best friends with each other for the whole night, but never talk to each other again after that.
I met this guy last night, we talked about 90's tv shows all night. I think it was a one night manned. Now I feel dirty inside.
by Taiwerica February 5, 2011
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a night of man stuff and doing totally manly things
CamRon: "tomorrow were going longballing and going to coon hill its gonna be such a man night"

Katelyn: "whats man night?"

CamRon: "killed it."
by xGoodspeedx. March 14, 2008
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