American abbreviation of Video Cassette Recorder. Device that plays and records moving images and sound on vhs cassette tapes.
Is your vcr still working? I have some excellent Bangladeshi animal porn.
by Dan Fox June 12, 2003
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visible crack residue
damn she's got sum vcr
by anominoius August 9, 2006
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Stands for "Visual Cocaine Residue"
Bob: "hey dude... can you check my vcr?"

Tom: "you don't own one, do you?"

Bob: "my nose, I mean! Anything on it??!"
by xlsloshlx March 3, 2009
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VCR ..........White, expensive waste!!! Nasal location the norm!!
by Ben uk May 26, 2008
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VCR (drink) refers to vodka, coke and raspberry.
1 shot vodka, 1 shot raspberry cordial and glass filled with coca-cola resulting in a sweet tasting drink with no alcohol tasted.
Customer: Can i grab a VCR mate?
Bar: Yea no worries, there good aye?
Customer: Yea so good!
by coolbananas12345 June 5, 2011
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1. A so called device that, when linked to a television set (usually old as shit), can be used for recording on and playing various videotapes. Despite multiple claims by elder people(s), it is often considered a mythical object; stating that the majority of the world's population (people who were born after the 1800's), have not actually possessed and/or seen one of these devices. Thus, it never existed owing to the fact that old people more than less have hallucinative related thoughts and views on modern day technology.

2. In Ancient Greek mythology: an abbreviation for "VideoCassette Recorder"

3. A mythical object that is said to somewhat resemble an underdeveloped DVD disc/player

4. Any object that is found in an old dusty box located in any given basement/attic/storage room

5. In nicknames to the female genitilia: Vajayjay, Cunt, Roast beef curtains; see George W. Bush

6. See: penis
Y: "Hey Billy, I think I saw one of those VCR things that your grandma was talking about the other day.

X: "Shut the hell up Alec, there is no such thing as a VCR or whatever the fuck its called."
by hardrock711 October 25, 2011
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