29 definitions by kurticus

1) when a chick doesnt clean too well in her "special area" and little chunks of debris slowly form into pieces of smelly cheese.
dude, oh man, seriously, i went down on sally the other night and laid my tongue into some serious cave cheese man. i almost barfed all over her!
by kurticus June 12, 2007
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n) similar to a herb; a person who is acting or simply looks like dork, wierdo, or also a person who is being pompous or arrogant.

can also be described as herbasaurus, or herbasaurus rex.
oh my god, look at the guy that is about to come into our store...what a herbasaur.
by kurticus May 16, 2006
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the "evil villian" of negativity. you call someone this when they are being overly negative, bringing everyone else down.

also known as: crapping on someones parade.
me: hey guys want to go to play some cards tonight?

negative person: sure, so we can waste our money, and besides, i'll probably end up buying beer.

me: oh great, NEGA-TOR has arrived!
by kurticus May 18, 2006
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one of the best things to say as you are leaving a social event.
group: "see ya kurt!"

kurt: "peace out cub scout."
by kurticus June 12, 2007
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v. to snatch up something very quickly, namely annoying flies that bother you while you are trying to think of very funny words.

also to snatch anything you want, but in a quick fashion and semi-discreetly.
i swear, if that fly doesnt knock it off i'm gonna mr. miagi it with the quickness.
by kurticus June 24, 2006
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Ninjas In Need, Just Ask Foundation.

The fundraising branch of the Secret Ninja Society. You probably haven't heard of it, it's that secret.
I just got a call from some guy collecting donations for the N.I.N.J.A. Foundation. I totally gave them 3 bucks. Now I get to display a ninja star on my bumper to show everyone I donated!
by kurticus May 21, 2007
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