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when my wife scrunches and wiggles her toes in a cute fashion and somehow just doing that makes me compelled to do things for her, like laundry or dishes.
me: "babe, i'm tired..."

wife: *scrigglin her toes*

me: "shit, ok i'll do stuff."
by kurticus July 27, 2010
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When someone's sarcasm is so thick that they are the king of sarcasm. Save this for only the most sarcastic.
Chads sarcasm was so thick tonight that we nicknamed him SARCASTOR because he would dominate every conversation.
by kurticus April 29, 2007
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Similar to "Choda Soda," Scrota Soda is the sweat that accumulates in between the schlong and the scrote.
Chad decided to help Zak move and, before he knew it, had a full cup of scrota soda in his shorts.
by kurticus June 4, 2007
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another term for tits and ass, or t&a. used primarily by men describing what their goal is when they go out for a night on the town.
dude, what would be really sweet is if tonight i hooked up with some hot chick and copped some boobgina.
by kurticus May 17, 2006
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n) similar to a herb; a person who is acting or simply looks like dork, wierdo, or also a person who is being pompous or arrogant.

can also be described as herbasaurus, or herbasaurus rex.
oh my god, look at the guy that is about to come into our store...what a herbasaur.
by kurticus May 16, 2006
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the hair that appears on the necks of men with poor social skills and those men who lack suave-ness with the ladies.

guys with girlfriends have the ladies trim this hair between haircuts...men without girlfriends do not have this luxury.
ooh, check out the dude with the no-girlfriend hair, thats so easy to spot. loser.
by kurticus June 24, 2006
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When you are down and out, when you have no jokes left, whip this one out and stuff it in his face. The ultimate comeback.

Kurt: "Your moms a buffalo."

Crowd: ... (silent.)

Kurt: "I'm out."

by kurticus October 11, 2007
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