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talk to you later; peace out; check ya later

another form of saying good bye.
#1: Alright i will ttyl.

#2: See ya!
by Urby March 29, 2008
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<interjection> Slang

Contraction of 'See you' meaning "Good-bye."
The term 'See you' is technically an omission, as it would have originated from people saying "I will see you later" or "I shall see you tomorrow" etc.

See also Cya and C U
"I'm going now, Chris. Seeya"
"Ok then, Byeeeeeeeeessssss!!!"
"The fuck was that?"
"Well seeya anyways..."
"... Bye."
by Stuart Fletcher November 06, 2004
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It's not just a word, it's a way of life. Used by witty boys when they want to say "goodbye", but are too hip to use the normal word. Not really valid unless said with a slight Vermont accented twang. May possibly be followed by a :) or if you're really lucky, a ;) or even a <3. This word can be said to pretty much anyone, and may have been around since before the dawn of time. However, it takes that one special person to take a five letter word, add some creative slurring, and make it all his own.

See also: the most perfect word in the English language.
M: I'm gonna go get some sushi-chan.. I'll talk to you later! :*

E: Seeya! ;)
by tiresomeboheme February 13, 2013
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A term usually shouted, as a dismissal to another person's failure, or mistake.
*Kid trips in the hallway*

Devon:Oh, See Ya!
by ZackeryDennisRossIsCool January 07, 2010
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seeya is a very popular girl however she cannot get over a boy. she is sweet smart caring and is willing to do anything for her friends. she gets involved in fights easily but she confides to her one friendwho listens to all her trash. she likes to judge people and is very cute. people want to be friends with her and thats why they are clingy but she is intrue love with someone and is obsessed. she stalks her crush 24+7 and is evil. she likes to be the center of attraction and passes mean comments. she i the queen bee. popular girls are intimidated by herand try to protect there boyfriends. she is way to pretty for her locality and self obsessed sshe can stare ather reflection for the longest time. she does not like competion and is onebad bitch.
eg. everybody : hey seeya how r u
seeya ; talk to my hand im in love w someone
by pseudopodim August 18, 2019
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