talk to you later; peace out; check ya later

another form of saying good bye.
#1: Alright i will ttyl.

#2: See ya!
by Urby March 29, 2008
No definition is needed here. But, since you obviously have been on a brain-using-free day, I will explain. See ya is something you say when parting ways, and intending to see them again.
Synonyms for see ya: goodbye, duuuuuh, bye, so long, peace out, later, until next time, and they all lived happily ever after.
Antonyms: hello, hi, sup, hey, do you wanna build a snow dude?, how is life, been a while, once apon a time.
by The wacky April 19, 2018
A term usually shouted, as a dismissal to another person's failure, or mistake.
*Kid trips in the hallway*

Devon:Oh, See Ya!
by ZackeryDennisRossIsCool January 8, 2010
"see ya chump" is a line said by Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man. As you may know, he is quite known for saying this to Eddie Brock, who was simply trying to take a photo of Spider-Man's symbiote-infected suit (venom).

p.s-I'm a better marvel fan than you :)
"give me-give me some of that web action"
*smashes the camera
"see ya chump"
by Idyllic place December 12, 2021
Preparing for all of the sins you are about to commit, ie drinking, boisterous behaviour, sex and other stuff like that
Guy 1: yo, we're going out tonight wanna come?
Guy 2: Na hitting the gym, see ya in church though
by Guy with many words July 9, 2015
-i got an A in math

-aight kidd i see ya!
by J-HO 1984 August 13, 2009