52 definition by kurt

A scary leader of a cult or other diabolical gathering spawned to comprimise the national security of the Untied States of America
"All hail grand Poobah! Cross the pit of coals so you may join the black serpents of doom!"
-Cult members
by Kurt April 20, 2004

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tpitl= the person i truly love... A.K.A Bonny

silent t.
if you are talkin and you see "Bonny" walkin u tell ur homie thats ur tpitl
by Kurt April 20, 2005

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The process in a game such as Warcraft III in order to roam after creeps and kill them in order for the hero to gain levels.
Im creeping 'till they attack.
by Kurt July 19, 2003

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A very cold Dead Body, releasing steam. Therefore, it must be... Steaming Corpse!
See: Kadaver, dead body, Nasty
I was clubbed so hard, that i became a steaming corpse, in seconds.
by Kurt June 07, 2004

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Someone who constantly chases rails (rails = your definition of "rails")
i can't stand my friends they are such rail chasers
by Kurt May 05, 2005

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While receiving oral satisfaction from a woman, stab her in the back. This will cause her jaw to clench giving you a different feeling than just and ordinary blow job would give.
My friends dared me to give here a stabbing kitten, because hey, I don't even like her anyways.
by Kurt April 23, 2005

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Name: Kurt
t3h m4n w/ t3h pl4nz0r l0l st34lz t3h p3ntiumz lol !11!!11!111 ogm wftbbq!
God, Kurt is such a fucking pussy asshole fuckfuck dickfuck!
by Kurt February 12, 2004

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