This is a way you can call a thot or bitch a how without actually calling her that 304 looks like hoe on a calculator
by lavenderrocks March 8, 2019
A 304 spells hoe on a calculator when typed in and flipped upside down. A 304 is a rather skanky and promiscuous girl, also commonly known as a hoe.
Wow! That girl is a real 304.
by pinomerle April 6, 2009
if you put 304 in a calculator and turn it upside down it will say "hoe"
OH, you little 304!
by Brittany- Ghetto Princess September 27, 2003
when the numbers 3-0-4 are put into a calculator and turned upside down, the word hoe appears. a code word for hoe, particularly used in high school.
Shquanah: dang, here come Lexus.

Le Queeshah: oooh, she a straight up 304!
by gowadkabir May 21, 2006
uh, its just away to call someone a 'hoe' without them fucking you up. if you dont know the connection of 304 and hoe, turn your screen upside down. ;-;
by EmeraldAlpha May 27, 2021
A less vulgar way of saying hoe or skank. Type 304 in a calculator and it spells hoe if you look at it upside down. Ask a promiscuous girl "what is her body count?" and most of them time she'll give the answer 3 or 4, when in reality it is much higher.
Potentially interested male: What is your body count if you don't mind me asking?
304: Umm around 3 or 4.
by koopatroopa1987 October 21, 2022