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Gadi is the type of friend who is cool with anything. he's funny in a inappropriate way and loyal and awesome. He will go out of his way to help others. He might not show what he thinks all the time because it's probably for the better so you don't get offended.
Friend 1: Dude that clerk is so chill he reminded me of my friend Gadi

Friend 2: yeah man and his jokes were on point
by dopeapodamus-rex October 12, 2015
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a guy who wants to go right now and is getting very impatient. hes going to go get a plain bagel with butter, non-toasted, cause thats how he is... plain, but overall a good person
avi: yo gadi watcha getting for lunch?
gadi: a plain bagel with butter, non-toasted.
avi: figures.
by joshk December 20, 2005
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The crude Punjabi way of saying car.
Gadi meh rundi ko dalo.
(Put the whore in the car)
by TheCockDwindler April 13, 2017
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