verb 1: to be caught will in the act of something stupid and then getting a trouble 2: to get beat up 3: getting pumped full of bullet holes
yo mike your girlfriend kristin randomly sat on the floor in study hall today
yeah? what'd you say
i yelled "kristin what the hell are you doing?! Tushar is gonna smoke your ass!"
did she get the message
didnt think so
by shazam the man October 24, 2009
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People who constantly tell you what you WANT to hear ...Feeding someone's ego with constant adoration and commentary. Telling someone everything they want to hear and nothing they need to hear.
seriously. Im not blowing smoke up your ass!!!! you are so pretty. I wish I could be just like you... Your husband/wife is so handsome/pretty..... You have the nicest car.....I wish I had hair just like yours... etc...etc....
by Mizzrey September 13, 2013
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A person who gives complements blindly and without thought.
I try to criticize you so that you can improve, but you are not willing to listen. You just want me to always be blowing smoke up your ass.
by Eluu December 31, 2016
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To purposely tell someone what they want to hear but also giving yourself excuses and reassuring someone that what is happening is neither their or your fault.
Teacher 1: Jack told me that he can't take the test tomorrow because he has been really busy even though according to him he thought I did a great job explaining it to him. I think I'm gonna give him an extra week.
Teacher2: Oh please, he's just blowing smoke up your ass
by thickjordanianbooty101 June 02, 2020
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To say things deliberatly to anger someone. It comes from cockfighting where they blow smoke up a roosters ass before they put him into the ring to fight.
He's just blowing smoke up your ass, ignore him.
by Javier xavier caviar June 13, 2017
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To significantly harm and/or manipulate someone, and then shoot them, usually with the intent to kill.
The Crip threatened the Blood that he would "roll you like a philly blunt and smoke your bitch ass!"
by WI/ROGUE June 03, 2006
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