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craving; wanting
I'm jonesing for some sushi.
by krystal August 13, 2003

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A person of both black and mexican heritage. Either of parents of either race. This term is interchangeable. Some people of black and mexican heritage will take offense to this term. Depending on who you talk to.

Some prefer "Mexigro" (meaning both mexican and both negro), and others just refer to themselves as just plain biracial.

Some children born of both black and mexican heritage are thought to have "good hair". A term that many blacks use for easy, manageable, "white" hair. This however is a only semi-true.
Oh, so you a blaxican! Yo mexican daddy gave you that good hair then.
by Krystal March 29, 2005

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Much like when a senior citizen is having a "senior moment," when a normally smart, quick-witted person has a temporary mental lapse in judgement and/ or conversation. See also: Lil' Darryl moment
Sorry, cheerleader moment.
by Krystal March 30, 2006

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Naughty; dirty in a sexual way.
That hoochie mama danced dirrty up on my man!!
by Krystal April 13, 2003

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Used in Montafon, Vorarlberg (State in Austria), it means drinking until you vomit
Gommr id Bura Hobel Bar ga Schwiemetzga
by kRYSTAL June 02, 2015

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a person of black/African descent; someone of dark color
Those burnt beef slaves were treated real bad.
The burnt beefs did a drive-by in the ghetto neighborhood.
by Krystal January 14, 2006

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a generally flashy car that has no business being broke down. For instance, a Mercedes with peeling paint or a Jaguar with a garbage bag over the window. Can also be used when a car looks good on the one side, back, or front, but when you walk around to the other side, it is so messed up that you can't believe it is the same car.
Ever since James got rear-ended at that stop light, he's driving a striaght up hoopty hybrid.
by Krystal March 30, 2006

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