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almost the same thing as i love you, but even harder to say

you'll have devoted all this time into this person, only for your feelings to later on decline and have yourself to tell the other person

even harder to say when you're in a relantionship
Friend Example
Tracy : Hey Kai, I loved you. But, not anymore though! I finally came across someone who, you know? Make me feel really weird around them since we're best friends. God, that feels so good getting off my chest.
Kai : Oh okay, thanks for telling me. Well I'm gonna go now, bye.
Tracy : Okay, bye Kai
Later on that day
Kai : Of course the day I realize she's "the one" I miss my chance

Relationship Example
Kai : So, you know how we've been pretty distant recently?
Tracy : Yes obviously! Are you going to tell me now?
Kai : Yes, actually. Tracy, I loved you.
Tracy : LoveD?
Kai : Yeah, loveD. Don't get me wrong. You're an amazing person, but I can't see the spark anymore. Goodbye Tracy.
by trechiri May 28, 2018
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