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Do so bad that you lose even what's impossible to lose, your ass.

In the Old West people used to bet their ass (donkey) in gambling and lose it, so that’s where this saying started.
We lost our ass on that game.

If this presentation doesn't go well I'll lose my ass!

To lose one's ass is to lose all.
by kloon882 April 29, 2019
"Don't be dipsy when you can be tipsy, is the saying."
"Say what?"
"What the saying says."
"Which is what?"
"The saying."
by kloon882 September 13, 2019
Rudy was run over by an 18-wheeler semi truck. Cause of death marked semicide.
by kloon882 September 6, 2017
Short for the antibiotic Doxycycline. Treats inflammatory problems, such as urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, chlamydia, acne, etc.
I'm seein dat hoe tonight, better bring some doxy
by kloon882 April 2, 2015
Those who come from your blood
I predict your descendants will be filthy savages just like you
Yeah probably
by kloon882 November 9, 2017
Looks so striking they cause people to act in ways out of the ordinary. This can mean you're attractive or butt ugly.

But it usually means butt ugly.
I went to meet Stan from Tinder but left immediately. He looked NOTHING like his pics!!! dude could make a train take a dirt road!
Guys always go crazy over Marcy! She could make a train take a dirt road.
by kloon882 April 29, 2018
The time period where there were a lot of guns and cowboys and general outlawishness.
"Time for a duel, Old West style."
"Consider it done."
by kloon882 May 2, 2019