The act of getting a rise out of someone knowing you'll get a rise. To knowingly push someone's buttons. To be inflammatory.
He was being inflammatory towards his girlfriend which eventually led to a fight
by Stella Knew💙 November 25, 2017
The act of inflamming or the state of being inflamed. a red, painful, and often swollen area in or on a part of your body .
by DR SEXY BOY February 6, 2014
Inflammatory is an adjective to describe a person who decides to act like a jerk in order to make someone else mad. They may even say manipulative things or anything to get a reaction and incite negative emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.

For example, a person could say, "you don't want to see me." to a girlfriend who actually misses the boy, but he says an inflammatory line to get attention from her and maybe even just to mess with her.

There is also a medical definition for the word inflammatory.
Jake was being inflammatory toward his ex girlfriend. He saw she dyed her hair from blonde to black, and when he saw her wearing it straight down, he told her she looks like the chick from The Ring movie! She was so pissed she started yelling at him!
by jordog494 April 7, 2018
When a female in Heat sees a potential mate, the hormones that are released may trigger an involuntary reaction. This reaction causes blood to rush to the vaginal area, this swells and creates irritation and irritability. One is able to tell when a female has IVS when she starts sweating uncontrollably and breathing heavily when she sees a potential mate.
Your girlfriend got IVS (Inflammatory Vaginal Syndrome)when she saw me and offered to blow me.
by Zach P. August 18, 2006
A speech that the crowd pays attention to but doesn't get the crowd enthusiastic. This should mainly be used when talking to and intellectual.
Announcer: "Today we will talk about solar energy and the effects of how the ....."

Tim: " Cut it with the non-inflammatory speech and tell us when the pay cuts are going to happen!"
by Bloodbatdude September 30, 2009
Something that provokes people for no reason. Instigates, antagonizes, or provokes.
Those dorks were now claiming to be letting the monsters into their own homes, which wasn't any less inflammatory than trying to have them kicked out of them. They must have thought the world owed it to them to make way for them and celebrate their presence there.
by The Original Agahnim February 2, 2022