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a place you go during school when your bad like iss but you have to wear uniforms and your treated like a criminal and you have to leave 1 hour before everyone else because your dangerous.
im going to daep
by kittykat9087 November 28, 2018
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A girl with two faces (and neither of them is pretty) . Will stab any of her friends in the back because thats what she is best at. She is like the first peice of bread in a loaf everyone touches it but nobody actually wants it.
Girl 1;' dang she is so fake' Girl 2; 'Yeah her name is Marlee'
by kittykat9087 November 8, 2018
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A pretty girl that can steal anybodys man , however she is too sweet to do that. She is very nice but get on her bad side and she will beat your ahh. She is loyal and smart.
by kittykat9087 November 8, 2018
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A person who lacks class. Trashy people exist among all races and socioeconomic levels. Trashy people lack meaningful goals and purpose in life. They are not very concerned with academic subjects, worldly matters, nor culture, but are more amused with unimportant matters and simple activities such as celebrity gossip, shopping for useless merchandise (like cigarettes), and excessive partying into late hours. Other than spending money, trashy people contribute little or nothing to society, which is why they are associated with "trash". Due to low self-esteem and insecurity, trashy people inhale a lot of filth from cigarettes, attempt to overcompensate and "try too hard". Examples are wearing excessive amounts of make-up, wearing provocative clothing (whether they're in shape or not), driving a vehicle that is excessively large for their needs (e.g. a Hummer), getting drunk and behaving obnoxiously in clubs and bars, yelling at strangers from car windows, making derogatory statements, promiscuity, and talking loudly in profane and explicit language in public. Although they may think they're cool, most other people find them obnoxious, stinky, immature, irresponsible, and unattractive.
Dang that weird girl is trashy
by kittykat9087 November 14, 2018
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