Best way to trigger people and tell them that they're bad.
Louis: haha your bad
Ben: you're*
by snoopsie June 8, 2017
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when someone is so dismissive of, and unapologetic for, a mistake they've made that someone else needs to dismissively not apologize for them in order to point out their incredible lack of consideration for the world.
alan: dude, you just spilt your pabst blue ribbon all over my laptop and ruined it.

justin: oh, did i?

alan: yea dude. your bad.
by pseudodaniel November 19, 2009
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When someone does or says something that is totally reasonable, and you shun them for it because of your incompetence and utter disregard for others.
Boss: Hey Bon Qui Qui, did you mop up the back of the store earlier today like I asked you?

Bon Qui Qui: Ummmm No sir, mr. boss man. Clearly you see I just had these nails did and am in no condition or mood to be doing no damn mopping. your bad. shouldn've asked me such a stupid ass question.
by Big Tongs January 14, 2011
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When the person you use the insult on is bad at wearing shoes™ but weather they are bad at wearing shoes can only be judged by an official shoe wearing judger and these can only be appointed by the CEO, founder and revolutionary of your bad at wearing shoes™ - JT and what he says goes. Use this insult with caution as it can lead to depression and suicide as it is such a destructive insult but if used inpropererly can end in a law suit by the recipient of the insult
Hey (insert name) you fatty your bad at wearing shoes

"Mad applause and screaming after (insert name) falls on the floor crying and devastated"
by Bobby mcbobbingtons January 2, 2019
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