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a funny girl whos head is always in the clouds, very laid back and unusual. loves life and family, wants to be the best she can be and wants nothing more in her life then romance, but isnt afraid to be single and have fun.
" I wish i could just relax like keleigh"
by losa101 November 22, 2011
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Usually describes girls with killer weave and giver of massive boners. This girl is so damn fly. I hope that one day, i can be as fly and a bamf like her.
person: "I have a hard time paying attention in class; theres a keleigh."
other person: "self-explanatory. period."
by megatron and sonar November 23, 2010
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Describes a lier. She hates telling the truth and often talks behind her "friends" back. She decivies every one she meets.
by Cant_handle_this lol lol69 November 03, 2017
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