438 definition by kevin

1. a band

2. what happens when you run out of Alpo.
Louie Anderson was so hungry he ate my skinny puppy.
by Kevin July 26, 2004

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n. - Best city on earth... Bethesda and Potomac think theys the shit, but Rockville really owns moco. The snipers knew it, street racers know it, and now you know it.
dude 1: Yo Rockville owns moco
dude 2: lets go get some mochas at starbucks
dude 1: and i'm going to Friday's to pick up girls who goto MC.

chick 1: Lets goto Bethesda and shop!
chick 2: No lets just stay in Rockville, I dont have enough money.
chick 1: Well as long as we dont goto PG county, its all good.
by kevin December 05, 2003

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a stupid, obstinate, or perverse person.
Biff Tannen was a butt head.
by Kevin July 25, 2004

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similair to calling someone an asshole or totall gitt.
Comes from the root word "Smeg" as in cheese dick.
Rimmer, you are a totall smeg head!

by Kevin February 17, 2003

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a crybaby, someone who whines about something.
Michelle is a titty baby. Always crying like a little puto
by Kevin March 06, 2005

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1. Belonging to the same period of time:
2. Of about the same age.
3. Current; modern: contemporary trends in design.
4. A person of the present age.
Dave and Jen were contemporaries.
by Kevin December 07, 2004

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1. a routine that all men should follow if not already doing.

2. something most of Europe hasn't done.
Dad: "always remember to shit shower and shave."

Sonny: "ok papa."
by Kevin July 26, 2004

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