Generally a position that entails everything but cooking
I, the supervisor, torture my subordinates and then I eat their food!
by BliBla August 21, 2018
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A visor of superior powers, one who is likely to be of a superb standard to that of one who is only a visor or wears a blue peter badge
Not just a visor or one who vises but a super dooper visor (aka the supervisor)
by Plank0k December 27, 2010
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one who supervises the Dinosaurs
Phil you were a horrible dinosaur supervisor, this wasn’t fucking amateur hour. PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF SUPERVISION. THERE WERE RAPTORS ALL UP IN THE KITCHEN PHIL. IN THE GOD DAMN KITCHEN.
by Dr Cpt June 14, 2011
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A term used to describe a non-supervisory worker who ejoys assuming the role of a supervisor over others.
Sam has the bad case of supervisor syndrome today.
by Ortet September 10, 2006
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A person of the working tier class that reports back or snitches to company supervisors in exchange for immunity to shortcomings they have committed.
Worker 1: “Hey man, you did the clean up last Friday?”
Worker 2: “Yeah dude, I had to do it with Chris because the boss man thought I forgot how to do it.” *Worker 2 raises eyebrows*
*Worker 2 has been doing his job impeccably for 2 years and does it so good he gets chill time to do whatever he wants once done a cleanup.*
Worker 1: *Laughs generously* “Awww, damn white boi, the man on to you!”
Worker 2: *Looks Worker 1 square in the eye with chin up looking humorous*
by A fly on da wall December 23, 2017
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Supervisor Shopping refers to the act of going to a specific supervisor whom you desire to get the answer you want.
1: "Victor is supervisor shopping, so he can get out of work early"
2: "Aw, what the hell?! He's probably asking that supervisor he's close with"

1: "I got called into the boss office today and he accused me of being a supervisor shopper!"

2: "What a bitch!"
by enderhav March 15, 2023
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A huge gentle man and gentleman with an even bigger heart who puts his life on the line standing outside venues night after night to protect you against yobs.
That mother bear was as protective and gentle as a door supervisor.
by Ramelda November 12, 2006
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