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Dinohearted is that constant inclination, tendency and cravin' that all true Dinoholics have for all things related to Dino Martin.

All my pallies live their lives in a Dinohearted fashion...seekin' all things Dino for the livin' of their lives and desirin' to emulate our Dino in all they do.

by kentsmokerguy February 14, 2008
Dinobuddhagrin in that wry look, that irresistable glance that only Dino Martin can give that reminds pallies of the look on the buddha's face.
I loves watchin' our Dino on his tv show...he always seems to have that Dinobuddhagrin on his face that bring pure Dinohappiness just by lookin' at him.
by kentsmokerguy February 17, 2008
Dinoesteem is the respectful regard that all true Dinoholics have for their King of Cool, Dino Martin.
All my closest pallies have such Dinoesteem for our Dino, prizin' his life and times and tryin' to spread the Dinomessage of cool.
by kentsmokerguy February 16, 2008
Dinohomage is the deep respect shown and high regard given by all Dinoholics to their Master of Hip, Dino Martin.
My pallies and I made our Dinopilgrimage to Steubenville, Ohio to make Dinohomage to our King of Cool, Dino Martin
by kentsmokerguy December 2, 2006
Dinowasted is that state of bein' where a pallie get totally stoned from watchin' and listenin' to the work of Dino Martin. Dinowasted is a natural state of getting high off groovin' on Dino Martin.
By the time our pallie had listened to 3 Dino Martin CDs and watched a couple of Dino Martin flicks, he was totally Dinowasted.
by kentsmokerguy July 17, 2006
Dinopatter is like conversation 'bout anythin' that relates to the King of Cool, Dino Martin....his life, his times, his teachin's.
Hey pallie, wanna have some Dinopatter 'bout Dino's Matt Helm flicks?
by kentsmokerguy March 14, 2007
Dinoinsouciance is the ultimately cool, nonchalant way that Dino Martin went 'bout livin' his life and doin' his entertainin'.
Dino Martin's way of croonin' a song was just so full of Dinoinsouciance........the kind of lighthearted unconcern that effortlessly flowed from bein'the ultimate in cool.
by kentsmokerguy December 1, 2006