Hip means either cool or "same" like they can relate. It depends on the way you use it but hip can mean either same, I feel you, or cool.
Me~ Im so tired right now oml.I literally don't wanna talk to anyone.
Vanessa~ Hip .
by ItsYaGirlSkinnyPenis February 22, 2018
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A person who knows or wants to know something.
I am hip to this new song

Are you hip to that new song?
by BasicMadera03 October 9, 2018
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An outdated word that, when used to describe oneself, means the opposite of what its user assumes its meaning to be. Mostly used by older people in an attempt to be accepted by younger generations. Often used in conjunction with urban slang used in the wrong context
"Hey guys, YEET! What? That's not how it's used? Don't worry, I'm hip guys. I'm down with the millennials' lingo."
by Spamalot1239 February 28, 2019
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hip is a nother term to tell some body that u know something
tell this nigga to stop giving me the answers for the test cause im hip
by 4-8-09 April 29, 2009
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Meaning that you strongly agree with someone
Person 1: I can’t believe he took my phone without asking permission
Person 2: I’m hip
by Yo yo ya October 25, 2018
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Hip means to agree on something or could be a way to tell a person that they aren’t informed in the latest news.
“Your so hip” meaning you know about the lasest new Or could be used as “your so hip about that” meaning u agree
by She knowz February 10, 2018
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A means for millennials and zoomers in Maryland to convey a similarity in outlook on a certain topic
"this celeb is Lowkey problematic"
"Im hip"
by Dracorex03 February 27, 2022
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