94 definition by kentsmokerguy

A Dinoism takes any regular word and adds the prefix Dino- to it to turn it into a word that applies to the life and teachings of Dino Martin. Example: life + the prefix Dino= Dinolife.
The pallies over at ilovedinomartin like to speak to each other using Dinoisms like Dinolife, Dinoway, and Dinocool.
by kentsmokerguy November 26, 2006

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Kentsmokerguy is another tag for Dino Martin 'cause Dino's smoke of choice was Kent cigarettes.
Our pallie wantin' to emulate the Master of Hip, Dino Martin, calls himself Kentsmokerguy.
by kentsmokerguy July 19, 2006

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A dinohigh is that euphoric feeling of total estacy that one obtains when one has been taken in the sights and sounds of Dino Martin through listening to Dinomusic, watching Dinoflicks, and viewing Dinopixs.
I get a natural dinohigh everytime I listen to the music of Dino Martin and/or watch a Dino Martin flick.
by kentsmokerguy July 03, 2006

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Dinostudies is that branch of studies that focuses on readin', observin', and researchin' the life, times and teachin's of the King of Cool, Dino Martin.
I hope to do my PHD in Dinostudies, studyin' under the cool tutelage of Dr. K, a dude full of Dinopassion and a true Dinoholic for Dinosure.
by kentsmokerguy May 01, 2008

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Dinotude is that state of coolness, feelin'of hipness, and disposition of utter randiness possessed only by Dino Martin.
My pallie desirin' to emulate our Dino in all ways has been seekin' that Dinotude that only the King of Cool possesses.
by kentsmokerguy March 13, 2008

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Dinolook, accordin' to a Parisian reviewer, is the "waggish jeer, wry look, and irresistable glance" that only Dino Martin could give.
Dino Martin looked into the camera and gave that Dinolook that turns all the chicks on.
by kentsmokerguy July 19, 2006

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Dinowasted is that state of bein' where a pallie get totally stoned from watchin' and listenin' to the work of Dino Martin. Dinowasted is a natural state of getting high off groovin' on Dino Martin.
By the time our pallie had listened to 3 Dino Martin CDs and watched a couple of Dino Martin flicks, he was totally Dinowasted.
by kentsmokerguy July 17, 2006

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