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A Dinodrink is any one of a number of alcoholic beverages imbibed by Dino Martin, including Dino's fav J&B scotch.
Our pallie desirin' to emulate his idol Dino Martin always makes his Dinodrink J&B.
by kentsmokerguy October 08, 2006
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Dinoemulation is the practice of tryin' to be just like Dino Martin includin' but not limited to his manners of speech patterns, body language, and life style.
Our pallie intently watched a vid of Dino Martin smokin' 'cause he is practicin' his Dinoemulation, tryin' to match the way his idol flicks the ash off his cigarette.
by kentsmokerguy August 30, 2006
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Dinoessence is the intrinsic and indispensable properties that serve to characterize and identify Dino Martin.
In tryin' to emulate our great man Dino, I'm strivin' to understand the Dinoessence of what makes Dino the King of Cool.
by kentsmokerguy May 23, 2008
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Dinoesteem is the respectful regard that all true Dinoholics have for their King of Cool, Dino Martin.
All my closest pallies have such Dinoesteem for our Dino, prizin' his life and times and tryin' to spread the Dinomessage of cool.
by kentsmokerguy February 16, 2008
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Dinoexpertise is that special cool, hip, and randy knowledge that true Dinoholics seek to cultivate about their main man, Dino Martin.

As a true Dinodevotee, I am tryin' to develop my Dinoexpertise in all thin's Dino....especially as they relate to his life and teachin's.

by kentsmokerguy May 06, 2008
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Dinofantasy is a dream or illusion that a follower of Dino Martin has 'bout the King of Cool.
My pallie's Dinofantasy is that he is Dino's personal bartender, mixin' Dino's drinks, lightin' Dino's smokes, and bein' Dino's personal confidant.
by kentsmokerguy March 18, 2007
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Dinofever is that condition of heightened activity, excitement, and enthusiasm that a pallie catches once they are smitten with our King of Cool, Dino Martin.
My pallie Marie has caught Dinofever real bad...growin' leaps and bounds in her Dinodevotion and cravin' more and more of our Dino.
by kentsmokerguy March 12, 2008
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