94 definition by kentsmokerguy

A Dinodevotee is a pallie who is totally sold out to the way of Dino Martin, his life, his teachings, his work.
Having read the Dinobio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Living," our pallie became a total Dinodevotee.
by kentsmokerguy July 06, 2006

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Dinosmitten is the intense attraction and infatuation that true Dinoholics have for their King of Cool, Dino Martin.
All us pallies are so totally Dinosmitten by everythin' our Dino does....singin', jokin', actin', smokin', drinkin', lovin'....we just can never ever get enough of our great man.
by kentsmokerguy March 27, 2008

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Dinohipsterism is the quality or condition of livin' the mod life in the manner of Dino Martin; the lifestyle characteristic of livin' a swingin' life modeled after Dino Dino Martin.
My pallie Peters loves our Dino so much that he tries to follow Dinohipsterism to the nth Dinodegree....emulatin' our great man in everythin' he says and does.
by kentsmokerguy March 10, 2008

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Dinoadmiration is that feelin of pleasure, wonder, and approval that Dinoholics have for their King of Cool, Dino Martin.
Me, and all my fellow Dinoholic pallies are so full of Dinoadmiration for Dino Martin, we stand in total awe of his cool, hip, and randy self.
by kentsmokerguy February 06, 2008

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Dinoflick is the cool way that Dino Martin had of flickin' the ash off his Dinosmoke.
Our pallie, tryin' to emulate Dino Martin, practiced flickin' the ash off his smoke usin' the Dinoflick method.
by kentsmokerguy July 18, 2006

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Dinopleasure is that special sense of estacy one receives from listenin' to and/or watchin' Dino Martin employ his many entertainin' gifts.
Our pallie receives so much pure Dinopleasure from watchin' clips of Dino Martin's TV Show.
by kentsmokerguy July 15, 2006

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Dinobeckonin' is the way that our Dino attracts pallies with his invitin' and enticin' appearance and the way he signals and summons his pallies to join him in his totally cool world.
When I watch our Dino sing "Welcome To My World," I experience his Dinobeckonin' me to be his pallie and am invited to join him in livin' in total coolness.
by kentsmokerguy April 03, 2008

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