A term used to describe how a person dances.
Everyone in the club was groovin' to the music.
by zanny May 25, 2004
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East Coast Slang; partial drunk feeling, word normally affiliated with being drunk or tipsy.
Man look, I went to this party yesterday had a few drinks and I was groovin'.
by Dom aka alaska October 27, 2007
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the term for the feeling of euphoria achieved after reaching an orgasm.
i just blew my load and now im groovin' on it
by d@ria_d@hmer July 26, 2006
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slang term for saying was up to a friend
john-was groovin nigga?
mike- was groovin john?
john- steady moovin, keep it groovin, always cool, calm, and collective cuz
by joatam January 27, 2008
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Getting yourself ready to groove at concerts by moving to the beat in your head before the show starts.

Similar to pre-gaming, but not with alcohol, just groovin' vibes.

Just groove to the beat.
Non-groover: Yo man. I saw you groovin so crazy tonight. How do you groove so hard? All I did was just bob my head and stand still.
Groover: You know man. I was just pre-groovin' in the lot and on the way walkin up to the show. Just gotta find the beat keep on groovin'.
by zapolleus July 24, 2012
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when a person cant sit still,usually a tweeked out, up for days, person on meth or speed freak. Looks sort like they are doing the peepee dance and dont realize it but wear you out talking to them.
Sandi was noodle groovin at the casino.

The chick couldn't quit noodle groovin long enough to sit still for 5 minutes.
by chrsreesie May 6, 2010
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