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Dinowasted is that state of bein' where a pallie get totally stoned from watchin' and listenin' to the work of Dino Martin. Dinowasted is a natural state of getting high off groovin' on Dino Martin.
By the time our pallie had listened to 3 Dino Martin CDs and watched a couple of Dino Martin flicks, he was totally Dinowasted.
by kentsmokerguy July 17, 2006
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Dinoway is the followin' of the life and teachin's of the King of Cool, Dino Martin.

Our pallie has been studyin' the music and movies of Dino Martin, tryin'to learn the Dinoway of doin' everything so he can be a follower of the true Dinoway.
by kentsmokerguy November 17, 2006
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Dinowisdom is a teaching of the Master of Hip, Dino Martin, that helps pallies live a life of Dinopleasure.
Dino Martin knocked the Beatles off the charts with his Dinowisdom, "Everybody loves somebody sometime."
by kentsmokerguy July 12, 2006
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