A girl who’s in love with a gay guy even though she knows nothing can happen.
“Okay Tina, I say this with total love, but the moment we all saw coming is finally here. You’re a hag. You’re hagged out, you’re in love with Blaine, and it’s creepy. Stop.”
by Professor Dollface January 14, 2021
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An unattractive, middle-aged (or slightly older) woman. The term is commonly used to describe hysterical or ugly women in positions of power.
"I'll get you my little pretty, and your little dog too!" - Wicked Witch Of The West
by JM December 17, 2004
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A elf-like creature that is hunched and has some gnarly toenails. Only follows one, Kreacher. Lays eggs and abandons young. Relatable to Dobby. Described as delicious.
Kreacher-"Come here little hag, lets play"
by Kreacher_Krechistan October 25, 2019
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Earrol is a hag
by #coolkid June 17, 2014
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An extremely trashy, drunk woman. Most likely a heavy smoker and wildly unattractive due to too much partying and sexual partners.
by deBella_rules August 11, 2008
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A killer from Dead By Daylight. The most ugliest creature who can no longer be called a female. All who plays her get turned on by her being ugly, and her traps are useless.
Jake: The Hag is an abomination that has a vile temper for being ugly
Carl: Yeah dude, and she is very short, but taller than a leprechaun at least. You should main her though. Her traps are good
Jake: You can just couch the whole time, and never trigger a trap. Very low tier killer they should remove her at least for her well being.
Carl: The hag needs love :(
Jake: Whatever gets you erect is fine unless its children
Carl: I'm not a pedo! XD
by Ragna The Red August 21, 2018
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