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An unattractive, middle-aged (or slightly older) woman. The term is commonly used to describe hysterical or ugly women in positions of power.
"I'll get you my little pretty, and your little dog too!" - Wicked Witch Of The West
by JM December 16, 2004
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A single female that has a gay, male best friend. Source: Will and Grace
Hag number 23 you are gonna have to control your homo.
by Vicky November 15, 2004
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Acronym for "Have a Great Summer" used by people who still want to write in your yearbook despite the fact that they don't actually know you well enough to say anything personal.
"HAGS! -Sara"

"Man, I just got hagged by this stupid bitch I barely know. I regret letting her sign my yearbook."
by BrandonBri May 23, 2008
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A rabid Jennifer Aniston fan or Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt hater.

Also called a Chin Hag.

by HagsRUs December 08, 2006
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A mean, spiteful old woman that likes to constantly reprimand/torture the younger portion of the human race. Usually associated with witches and strict librarians.
"That old hag kicked me out just 'cause I was talking to Johnny about my project!"
by The Eavesdropper February 18, 2008
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A word normally used to insult an old lady.
Sentence: "That hag kicked me out of her house."
by Fookin June 23, 2017
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A killer from Dead By Daylight. The most ugliest creature who can no longer be called a female. All who plays her get turned on by her being ugly, and her traps are useless.
Jake: The Hag is an abomination that has a vile temper for being ugly
Carl: Yeah dude, and she is very short, but taller than a leprechaun at least. You should main her though. Her traps are good
Jake: You can just couch the whole time, and never trigger a trap. Very low tier killer they should remove her at least for her well being.
Carl: The hag needs love :(
Jake: Whatever gets you erect is fine unless its children
Carl: I'm not a pedo! XD
by Ragna The Red August 21, 2018
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