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A confident yet not conceited and super sexy female who turns heads at every corner. She owns every room she goes in, always is the center of attention, has tons of charisma. All her female friends want to be like her, and all the guys want to sleep with her.
"Wow, that girl Amanda is The Hot Tamale of that group"
by Tall May 08, 2013
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Guy 1: "Dayum, you see the redhead?"
Guy 2: "yeah she's definitely a hot tamale!"
Guy 1: "what??"
Guy 2: " hot tamale=hot redhead"
Guy 1: " I like it!!"
by Stone5 December 05, 2013
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The best candy in the whole wide world that makes your mouth feel all sizzly inside; very addictive cinnamon flavored candy; yummy; freakin awesome.
I want my Hot Tamales.
by Susie January 01, 2005
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Giving a blowjob after eating Hot Cheetos®
Anna: "Do you want me to give you a Hot Tamale?"
Derick: "Yeah I'll try anything once lol"
*five minutes pass*
Derick *with his dick in a yogurt cup*: "This was a mistake."
by Tap_Dancing_Skeleton September 26, 2019
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