people who tilt their heads to the side, smile with their chin prochuding, stick their elbows out and frontward, hunch their backs, and bend their hands back. They say things like, "i like to brick" and "Me licky tee brokee" and "Mo locus to brokus". Their names are Deeho, Deeha, Coohar, and Sean.
Adam Sandler does a great scary people in the movie Airheads.
by Coohar December 2, 2006
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big scary muscle people are huge and terrifying idiots who do nothing but stay at home and drink minster while crying and i love them all <3. theyre the fucking best and theyre very kind and hate tory pisskinks. also furries exist too but lets not talk about that
opal: iasBDNFXOQRIUFQLbdvbpfnapnpuGGGwuwfh xnhqhfqeryfgsa
lily: Big Scary Muscle People
by im rowan what the fuck is up February 5, 2021
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