person1: "hows it going?"
Person2: "Gid, how about yourself?"
by SanJ Street July 12, 2004
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Acronym- Gerow Institute of Deceit, named after the infamous and deceitful Harrisburg bases political figure Charlie Gerow

Noun- a person who conducts themselves in a deceptive manner and that swindles people on a regular basis

Verb- to gid is to swindle someone or to bilk somebody in a false or misleading manner
Beware, GID, a phony opportunist, who plays both sides of the fence. GID might point out that he is bipartisan and so he is.

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson used Charlie Gerow as a campaign consultant and member of her Transition Team. FYI  Mayor Thompson is a Democrat leading Harrisburg to bankruptcy. Opportunistic Charles Gerow is, literally, by her side.

Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications: Web Site Misleads  This is a three person operation, not 9, as advertised.
Charlie Gerow/Quantum Communications website lists 9 Professionals  as people working or associated with Quantum Communications.  However, two-thirds of them (6 out of 9) are no longer employed with his firm nor do many of them mention any reference in their public bios or websites that they had any association with Quantum Communications

Gerow was treasurer of "Citizens for a Stronger Pennsylvania," a political action committee created to oppose expansion of gambling in Pennsylvania; he later represented "Bring our Taxes Home," a group created to expand gaming in Pennsylvania.
by Gidess23 June 04, 2012
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uncontrollable hysterical fits of laughter often lasting up to fifteen minutes; contagious bouts of laughter
We had the gids so bad during dinner I choked on my food!
by HiloDenverChick February 23, 2010
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synonymous and can be used in place of cunt, twat
They gave me a scratched-up disc those fucking gids.
by Newword August 28, 2005
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Normally a typo away from god.
Commonly found on efnet under #wch.
by gid March 11, 2004
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