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The Friend-factor is used to calculate the degree of friendship one is rated at when figuring out how much times going to be spent with each known individual.
Being that so much time was spent with friend A, buddy B used the F-factor to estimate the precise amount that would be appropriate to share with friend C.
by jpg3 November 01, 2011

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A higher ranking skank. Term used affectionately amongst the gay society to identify a leading skank.
Upon arriving at the gay gala the individual was greeted by the comment of " Oh, look! The queenskank is here."
by jpg3 October 07, 2011

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Anyone that has numerous orgasms, ejaculations.
Captain Jism splugesprayed the entire room.
by jpg3 September 04, 2011

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The fear of doing household chores such as laundry, cleaning, making the bed, etc. , often suffered by lazy people also affected with dishphobia.
When the teenager asked about spending the night over a friends house the parents reply was, " Maybe, if you can overcome your chorephobia and do what we asked first."
by jpg3 August 05, 2010

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A physical-mental condition that leaves you unable to function normally. Caused by mingling amongst many others the previous night and indulging in pleasurable, carefree happenings. Healing involves avoiding bright lights, stressful situations and contact with loud bossy individuals.
After an evening of interacting with others in crowded conditions and extreme liquid consumption some people suffering from partyitis have to call out sick from work.
by jpg3 November 29, 2013

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Not getting enough money for the amount of work being done.
Getting underpayed & overworked @ any job really sucks.
by jpg3 September 29, 2013

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This is the female version of when men T-bag people. How men T-bag someone is done by placing their exposed testicles on an individual, most likely the head or face of anyone passed out drunk or sleeping. When a female v-bags someone its done when she places her exposed labia on an unsuspecting person. The ultimate v-bag involves photo's that can be posted on the internet.
A group of girls found a dude passed out at a party and they each did a v-bag on him while taking pic's that they then posted on the web so his girlfriend could see.
by jpg3 October 28, 2012

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