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These are the people you can trust to have your back all the time, you can close both eyes when sleeping and they got you covered or turn your back on them after handing 'em a knife or gun and not have to worry they will be tempted to use it on you. They will never abandon you.
Its nice to have your loyals around when your fucked up.
by jpg3 October 18, 2011
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One who doesn't : cheat, lie, talk to people there not supposed to,go behind your back or pick someone else before you
I wish I had a girl who was loyal
by Beaniebitch July 28, 2016
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I can't believe how everything has changed. I did the best I could and in the long run I guess happy is not what I have been. But I keep trying every day but too much bad karma.But I'm old school say please and thank you, chew with mouth closed, hold open the door, listen, compliment. Make her feel like the most important thing to me. But it needs to go bolth ways communication is key.
I'm so loyal never cheet or disrespect my family.
by One shot May 27, 2017
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Faithful to a person or a cause; firmly in alliance to somebody or something. Always there for somebody when they need you.
"Ladies, it's not fair to compare men to dogs. Men are not dogs; dogs are loyal. They never leave you, they're always there for you, and they can lick their own balls."
-Wanda Sykes on comparing men to dogs.

Abbie and Sam did not always agree as siblings, but Abbie's move from home to Yale and Sam's assistance reaffirmed the family's loyal bond.
by Lorelili July 30, 2011
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