when you're dressed fresh to death, or when you have on designer brands; lavish; living with mad money or stunting; a term originally associated with A$ap Mob
Yo I seen Audrey the other day wearing all gucci my g I'm deadass he was cozy as fuck.

I just copped mad ferragamo, word to who I'ma be cozy as hell at that party this weekend.

"Man she a hoe she got two whole rich ass sugar daddys on the low."
"She may be hoeing but you know damn well she living mad cozy."
by fettye November 15, 2016
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(Adjective) 1. Warm, snug, and comfortable. 2. Intimate, sometimes with overtones of collusion.

(Noun) 3. A covering or container for keeping food and beverages warm.

(Verb) 4. To make (something) cozy or cozier; usually used with "up". 5. To seek someone's friendship for personal advantage; usually used with "up to".
1. My electric blanket helps me feel cozy at night.

2. The D.A. had made a cozy deal with the Mafia don.

3. Grandma gave me a tea cozy for Christmas.

4. Karin needed to cozy up the living room for her party.

5. You probably won't get a raise here unless you cozy up to the boss.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén June 1, 2006
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In real estate jargon, a very small room, apartment or house.
Cozy 1 bedroom basement apartment, full bathroom, furnished, air conditioning, utilities included $700
by Andrew MacKinnon April 22, 2008
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to either be dresssed mega comfortably or be cooling out at home with blankets and pillows; mega-comfortable; mindset/lifestyle; being comfortable with who you are and what you like
"damn dunny this basement is freezing !"

"pshh i'm coogi dog, i'm cozy. i'm wearing pajama pants underneath my corduroys"

"ayo wanna go hoop for a bit?"
"nah man i'm mad cozy playing fifa; i'm not tryna move"

"people who complain about the weather needa get cozy real brief"
by dionyzus January 13, 2014
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fashionable; but chill af. Courtesy of the A$AP Mob
Dude 1: my nigga i was looking mad cozy. i had the gucci flipflops with the valentino pants.

Dude 2: damnnn my nigga you mad cozy b
by ay bruh December 26, 2016
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a foam container in which to place a cold beverage
"I got a free beer cozy at the bar last night."
by John April 14, 2005
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