false, or immitation...

to pretend.
faux fur...immitation animal fur clothing

faux-pas....a comment made in conversation that reveals to others that you are either stupid or have no idea what your talking about on a particular subject
by matty June 25, 2005
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false or fake. pronounced like foe
"look at that faux bitch over there thinking shes so fetch."
"ya i know right?, straight imitation."
by nobasicbitcheshere January 26, 2015
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1. false, or immitation; fake

2. Fox News
1. I was just watching faux news and i learned that iraq had WMD's which why america had to attack or else risk another 9/11.

2. I was just watching Faux News and i learned that iraq had WMD's which why america had to attack or else risk another 9/11. Damn liberal media.
by Ricemonkey November 11, 2007
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1. Mostly referenced to a white teenager who, in high school, tried a bit too hard to please the in crowd. And probably pissed off a lot of black people by stealing the style their culture has had for many generations. For example: Ebonics, sagging of clothes with untied sneakers, really tiny skirts with corn rows, little whitey listening to rap... That kind of thing. In other words, the white kids in Detroit.

2. A liar, deceiver, imitator (see mime), and generally a football player or cheerleader.
Boy: Remember that girl in high school who thought she was faux?

Boy2: Yeah?

Boy: Well, now she's fat, pregnant, and divorced and she's only 19... A lot of good her popularity did her, eh?
by ExanimusViscus August 1, 2008
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faux by faux is when a truck is lifted with big tires but is not 4x4, basically an imitation 4x4.
Is it 4x4 or faux by faux?
by Mace Bigelow July 16, 2019
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Fauxing is a sexual act when a man wears a strapon harness to penetrate a woman sexually. His penis is not used for this act and may be confined in a cock cage or may simply not be used. Pronounced fox-ing
Tonight will not be unlocking your cock cage, get your strap-on and let's do some fauxing
by Evolving Your Man May 5, 2021
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Adj. (combination of Faux and faithful) Used to describe people who claim faith and act accordingly to their own devices in total spite of the teachings they claim to believe in and uphold.
"She claims to be a Catholic, but her actions make her rather Fauxful"
by AWSKing October 7, 2012
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