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small little angry elf who skips around every where. does some bad shit to anyone. does the meanest shit and acts innocent after its been done. bites, pinches, scratches, punches, slaps, kicks, throw food, spits and teases anyone and everyone.
the angry little fellatious cherry ann bit, pinched, and scratched throughout the fellatious process. she threw food, trying to tease the person who was given the fellatio.
by jordan February 04, 2005
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a typo of the word stop... usually demonstrates a clumbsy left typing hand and innaccurate presicion of the middle finger. These people usually suffer from a condition know as 'sropage' and will most likely die.
srop fucking with me, I've had enough of your rascism.

if you're gonna tell someone to "stop" something, type it right, if you have the skill.
by Jordan September 26, 2004
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Underground (indie) music that appeals to a discerning, educated audience keen on cynicism and dejected wit. The music itself is often mellow yet complex- a reflection of its audience's personality.

Smart rock is the antonym of Dude rock.
Instead of studying their AP English Literature homework, William and Sara made out to Smart rock on the couch.
by Jordan May 06, 2004
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best fast food product known to man. Consists of shredded iceberg lettuce and cups of mayonase. Proctor and Wall of Styrofoam love kcf shredders.
Get the shredd in your headd
by jordan December 08, 2003
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A bitch ass hoe who likes to suck on my big fat nuts
by Jordan February 25, 2003
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To grab a skateboard rail between your legs with your butt sticking out resembling a Stinkbug releasing its defencive juices.
It's weird to see a professional racer grabbin' stinkbug these days...
by Jordan June 14, 2006
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n. The music that is played in a corporate retail chain in order to influence the buying habits of customers. Although Retail rock varies from store to store, one thing remains consistant: the music, like the products found in the store at which it is played, is fake mass-produced garbage that must be avoided at all costs.
(1) While browsing in CVS, Barbra noticed the song playing over the store's radio was 'I Don't Want to Wait' by Paula Cole. She immediately bought several packs of Q-tips.

(2) Ashley's boyfriend watied outside Abercrombie & Fitch while she shopped for the latest fall fashions; he could hear 'No Such Thing' by John Mayer blearing over the store's speakers, and he didn't like it.
by Jordan August 17, 2004
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