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A person that shows up to your house constantly without being invited. Similar to a actual stick bug.
Door Bell: Ding Dong

Person 1(on the couch): Who is it?

Person 2(peering out the window) : It's Juan....

Person 1 : Don't open the door, he's starting to become a stinkbug.
by Riverboat27 September 22, 2009
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Female points her ass into the air as she's taking it in the ass, and when the guy pulls out, she blows shit all over him and the room.
I was tagging this bitch last night and she gave me the stink bug. I threw her off my 3rd floor balcony.
by picasso July 23, 2006
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when a girl shits your face while your eating her pussy in the 69 position
Scott's girl gave him a stinkbug when she couldn't hold it last night.
by THE CART GUYS August 10, 2007
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To grab a skateboard rail between your legs with your butt sticking out resembling a Stinkbug releasing its defencive juices.
It's weird to see a professional racer grabbin' stinkbug these days...
by Jordan June 14, 2006
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Big black bug lives in california walks around with its butt in the air....
stink bug swaggart's around butt in air just waiting to put a stink on you.
by itichie_nocanpo October 19, 2006
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A person that reeks of pot. One who smells like he lives in a pile of weed.
"Dude! do you smell that?"

"Yeah bro, it was the black stink bug that just passed by"
by D_4_Less September 07, 2009
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