32 definitions by jono

A designer who draws square holes for round screws
dosnt know left from right or back from front.
Draws all designs in an unknown format
AKA a Sayer
Robbie what is that supposed to be you fucking design-wanker.
by jono February 16, 2005
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fudge liek substance that gathers under un cleaned foreskin
by jono September 07, 2003
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an actor in the movie 'orgazmo' created by the guys from southpark, is a parody of the pron industry and includes both matt stone, trey parker and also includes porn legend ron jeromie
"its orgazmo and CHODOBOY"
by jono February 06, 2004
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The La chupacabra is the most verousous goat sucker. He hunts his pray with devil eyes, and once has ahold of theme, sucks any trace of the goats blood..
This goat has no body fluids, the la chupacabra is near...
by jono April 11, 2005
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