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A ferociously voluptuous, jelly-like, congealed nasal mucus extraction, plucked from deep within the nose. Possibly hinting shades of septic yellow or green, and is unflickable. The beast is completely soggy when rolled within a tissue and horrendous enough to turn the faces of onlookers during extraction.
Hortence was mining her honker, and dug out a massive sogger. It was a vivid dangler.
by Johnny June 15, 2006
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the shit;newly referred to as the shit
Johnny is the shodizzle
by Johnny March 28, 2005
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A person of Chinese Black and Mexican background.
Wow, look at all the Chiblexicans.
by Johnny April 30, 2004
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Fart or farted
Damn, who cut one?
I dunno but I'm about to cut one!
by Johnny October 28, 2003
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A place where I get my daily supply of weed and experiment with the latest designer drugs. And a place where I learn how to make drugs too.
Kid: I'm going to school, mom.
Mom: That's my boy. I'm so proud that you like school so much.
by Johnny September 18, 2003
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someone who changes aspects of their life to impress another
God bryan's such a clonetard, the way he follows phil around and all
by Johnny February 24, 2005
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This word started being used in underground homosexual clubs in New York in 1984 as a way to describe inadequate penis size. It eventually evolved into what it means now...a sexual term for implanting crushed coke cans into one's rectum for pleasure.
"J.M. please nickandruprich me again and again...I love the blood."
by Johnny January 09, 2005
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