Another way of saying "oh, snap!", "awesome!", or "sweet!"
Jeff: Did you see the game last night man?!
Dave: yea it was mad crazy!
by Deven Young September 5, 2005
Term originated after Afropop's star Rotimo Soul that means people that do not dance when the music is upbeat.
Dude, Why are you not dancing, are you mad crazy?!
by dantheman2 May 25, 2012
Something thats great or awesome or appealing to the eye.
Hayes: Did you see that movie called "Swordfish"?
Harris: Yeah, dude, I did! It was mad-crazy-good!
by hlmjr May 6, 2007
It is simply the most awesomest of awesome. There's nothing in the world more magical or in fact meaningful.
Lance: Did you see those chicks fighting at the party last night?
Chuck: Hell yeah I did. That was mad-crazy-sick-tight. LOL!
by Roython August 9, 2007
Used to define an object or an act that is so simple you'de have to be literally brainless to not be able to figure it out.
Man 1: Dude, wtf? How do you fix this?
Man 2: Aw man, this thing is mad-simple-crazy, dawg.
by LC Head August 12, 2007
a crazy bitch that needs to shave her beaver.
wow man I am never going to that whore house again. A crazy mad beaver bitch tried to gnaw off my willie.
by Lionel Matson February 21, 2008