A term to describe being robbed or backstabbed by a close friend
Mo: damn bro, Harry took all my shit.

Paul: oh shit, you got barted?
by pedro13 August 5, 2018
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When you burp and fart at the same time.
I was drinking a Coca Cola and I barted. It was awesome. True story.
by Bartmaster January 20, 2012
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telephony term discribing an unsightly half-ass aerial splice or other totally fucked-up repair.
when i arrived at the house and saw the greaseshot and j hook in the tree ,i knew i had just been barted.
by johnny February 20, 2004
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v., past tense; made a stupid mistake; had a brain fart
I barted on the test and blew it.
by K. Doyle February 18, 2003
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some call it god, some call it thanos, we call It THE BART! if you are ever lucky enough to see THE BART you will be blinded by her power immediately because nobody is worthy of seeing THE BART with their own two eyes. THE BART has unmatchable abilities not even thanos with all 6 infinity stones and a raging boner can't compare to her powers. THE BART once blinked and wiped out the dinosaurs, some think it was a meteor, but it was in fact THE BART.
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A guy who is caring and sporty. He can make you laugh, is extremely kind and probably gorgeous. He is a lot of fun to hang out with and is very original, creative and can entertain you endlessly.
If you ever get hold of a Bart: never let him go, you'll regret it.
"Damn, I turned that guy down, he asked me to prom with him."
-"What?! But he's definitely a Bart!"
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A very often smart boy. Not really the ladies man all the time but definitely could be if he tried.Often likes to play a lot of video games and can occasionally make friends laugh.
Bart is an smart guy
by JennyHwnny January 14, 2018
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