98 definitions by john smith

a person who is part chinese, white (cracker), african-american (nigger), hispanic (spic), indian, and jewish
Jeff is such a chcracknigspicdianew
by john smith March 23, 2005
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a song that comes in all sorts of variations on DDR.

am-3p (303 bassmix)
am-3p (am east mix)
... and more
"I finally beat am-3p in standard mode"

"Stupid n00b"
by john smith February 27, 2004
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Tomahawk is a U.S. made cruise missile with lots of range. It can be fired from either sea , land or air.
The U.S. Navy used Tomahawk against Iraq.
by john smith February 14, 2004
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calling one "weak sauce" compares an individual to the "mild" sauce found at Taco Bell; weak, insignificant, attempting to be like the other hot sauces, but not living up to expectations.
"Dude, that papercut was some weaksauce bs."
by john smith January 31, 2006
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Something Glen always says, but we never understand.
Oh - jeesh! This is like driving in greasy peanut butter!
by john smith January 15, 2004
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To follow in front of someone.
That old guy in the Volvo was frollowing me when I was driving today
by john smith December 30, 2004
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Using your thumb and forefinger to squish a girls vagina preferably by tugging the clitoral hood over the labia. Best performed when unexpected.
Vaginafer is in for a nasty peach pinch.
by john smith January 23, 2005
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