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This is comparable to the M1A2It has the 120mm M256 cannon, improved fire control system, and NBC overpressure system, and improved suspension. These improvements give the M1A1 greater shoot-on-the move capabilities and an increased first round probability against advanced enemy armor. It also has a crew of 4 and 3 7.62mm M240 anti-personnel machine guns mounted on it.
35 M1 tanks were destroyed by Iraqi fire during Operation Desert Storm.
by john smith February 14, 2004
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M1-A2 Abrams is United State's Main Battle Tank . This version has advanced electronics and computer systems. It used depleted Uranium rounds to easily penetrate and destroy a enemy vehicle.
See also: M1a1
United States used this tank against Iraq.
by john smith February 14, 2004
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grabbing a woman's vagina with both hands, spreading it wide apart and insert your head into it like a lion tamer.
That girl was so loose I pulled the lion tamer on her with no problem.
by john smith March 30, 2005
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A bad Norwegian word that should not be uttered in this place.

Norwegian English
jih = no/nah/nay

næijh, i do not want to suck your cock.

by john smith August 18, 2003
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