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1. A hatchet-like tool or weapon made from a wooden handle and a sharp rock or bone. Used by Native American people in war, predating the 20th Century, and as a tool with which to shape wood or cut meat from animal carcass's.

2. An American designed tactical missile system that utilizes GPS and IF (Infrared) targetting computer to achieve astounding accuracy (margin of error: 5 metres) from ranges of several hundred miles. Can carry 3 warhead types: General Purpose Ordnance (GPU), the more common Late-Detonation Warhead (LDW), and the conceptual Tactical Nuclear ordnance Warhead (TNW), which has never met practical application.
1. The tomahawk was used as a melee weapon or could be thrown in the way one does when using a throwing axe

2. The tomahawk cruise missile system has eliminated the need to for long range precision bomber aircraft.
by Derek Thornton May 14, 2004
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The act of continuously thumping your erect penis onto the top of a womans head and/or across her forehead.
Jill was on her knees, so I tomahawked her a few times.
by ben187 November 15, 2004
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the act of taking your cell phone out (prefferably a flip phone) and bashing someone in the head with it or throwing it at them like a tomahawk.
max was pissing me off so i decided to tomahawk him to shut him up.

i couldnt reach my annoying little brother so i tomahawked him.
by its already uesd by ppl. May 30, 2009
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Formed in 2001, this band is the brainchild of guitarist Duane Denison (Jesus Lizard). Mike Patton (Fantomas, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) was appointed as frontman. The band also includes Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins) and John Stanier (Helmet). Signed to Patton's record label, Ipecac records, the band has released two albums to date. Albums include Tomahawk (2001) and Mit Gas (2003). The focal direction of the music is aggressive rock. Mixing heavy slide guitar with strong beats over catchy bass lines and a variety of different singing styles. Ranging from soft and melodic to
fast and edgy, this band is more accessible to the modern listener than some of Patton's other endeavors. Live performances prove that these musicians are veterans of their craft. Easier to listen to, but not to be taken lightly. Definitely a welcome addition to Patton's resume.
Tomahawk is a great band, despite what some might say.

by Fantom January 20, 2006
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To Tomahawk : Grab a girl ( or guy if you like that type of thing) by the ears and star skull banging them and as you are close to releasing you let an American Indian war cry eg: " Ey Ey Ey Ey Ey " take out your penis slap it on top of the persons head paying attention to ejaculating straight down the middle of the head to simulate the head being split. Tomahawk achieved enjoy !
Jon being a fan of cowboys movies was happy to give Jen a Tomahawk
by Hulksmashed June 02, 2010
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In the middle of moshing, moving to a higher surface and jumping off with a fist into a crowd of people.
1. "I was a concert last night and i tomahawked this girl and cut her head open"
by Robem May 25, 2007
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My favorite toy. A small hatchet with a stone, or bone attach to it, used to hitting or killing an animal, or remove a scalp from an enemy, used by native Americans
I showed the boss "Rich" my toy, and he told me to put it away.
by Saints September 20, 2003
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