98 definitions by john smith

He performed a total recall
by john smith October 9, 2003
Excessive user of the suffix "zilla" and constant tell of bad jokes eg."you can't go wrong making a right turn".
One who is Parimal is the only one who things that they are funny.
You are such a Parimal (meaning your not funny)
by john smith August 16, 2004
When a woman begins to ovulate and is becoming generally cranky and anooyed at everyone.
Damn, i told sarah to suck me off but then she started screaming at me, she must be on her period.
by john smith March 22, 2003
There was this girl named maya, she is a whore
She fucks people over and has no friends
the mf-count means maya friend count and there is usually a 1 or 2 after it because nobody wants to be her friend.
the mf-count is 1 today cause she fucked over her only other friend yesterday.
by john smith February 23, 2005