One of the many "hoods" in Brooklyn. Located in the Flatbush section.
One of the worst neighborhoods in the borough.
"Yo I'm bout to go chill on the junction..."

"Aight, be careful over there, dont get shot..."
by Tim shady May 16, 2005
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Hey Yaal gone be out at tha junction tonite? Yeah till bout 1 o 2. Aight i'll Holla
by M_Dizzle August 15, 2003
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the space connecting the testicles and the underside of the penis
I just sprayed shit all over my junction, the space around the corner from my anus between my penis and my balls.

Why does my junction smell like the swimming pool?
by letslaughtatjunk February 3, 2006
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A group of people gathering in a place where people would not ordinarily gather, in a way that inconveniences at least one person, though normally more than one.
Did you see that junction blocking the Walmart doors? Jesus, why can't they go hang out somewhere else.
by testicletrophy November 6, 2011
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Guy 1:Dude, she left me for the milkman
Guy 2:Yeah you're well and truly up the junction...
by CHANCHANMAN October 18, 2009
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A shitty place where one lands that has one minute to loot then has to spend half the game running across the fucking map with a couple of grey pistols
Hey you wanna land tilted? Pussy: nah lets go junk junction
by xxyeetxx September 24, 2018
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A small town along the Ohio river. Contains stoners ,alcoholics, and just down right party fuckers. Don't fret, all you white collar bastards. Mingo is contained with decent people, maybe not the one you socialist dicks call normal....but righteous anyway.

"Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful"
People in Mingo Junction do get drunk a lot .

Yeah so what they tuff guys anyway.

Yeah, your right, im so so so sorry mister.
by Tigerious Annthromorp October 21, 2009
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