98 definitions by john smith

To follow in front of someone.
That old guy in the Volvo was frollowing me when I was driving today
by john smith December 30, 2004
Using your thumb and forefinger to squish a girls vagina preferably by tugging the clitoral hood over the labia. Best performed when unexpected.
Vaginafer is in for a nasty peach pinch.
by john smith January 23, 2005
when a chick or guy has sucked to much cock that their breathe stinks of some bad cock.
jared,luke.o and sluts and gay fags
by john smith November 27, 2003
A small absorbent cotton pad placed in ones underwear over the anal opening in order to catch debris and unwanted particles.

Change pad every 3 hours on heavy days and every 6 on light days.
In order to get rid of the unsightly stains in my underwear, i began wearing nunue pads and am now stain free.
by john smith March 12, 2004
The two girls that go to De Pere high school constantly saying they belong to team jesus and such. They spaz often and filed harasment 3 times in one day. Hope you never run into THE BERSTERS.
Oh great, i got the bergsters in my next class
by john smith January 17, 2004
anoying set of twins that live in wisconsin. They often accociate them selves with team jesus and spaz and file harasment constantly.
O great next hour i have the bergsters in my class
by john smith January 17, 2004
1.to be fucked over by valve software

2.a substitute for the common "pwned" expression when playing video games online
1.Invalid steam userID ticket? I've been STEAMED!

2.I STEAMED yo ass biatch!
by john smith March 4, 2004