Incredibly gorgeous but doesn’t know it. Although she’s kind of annoyed that all her name means is “internet shut off.” She doesn’t fall for guys easily yet all of the guys seem to fall for her. Her brain is her strength but her insecurities are her weakness.
Brad: I think I’m starting to fall for Miso.

Tiffany: Forget it, she’ll never like you back.
by Anacroissants March 3, 2021
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A beautiful little young cat who can be a real butch sometimes but really loves his owner.
by Miso da baby January 18, 2021
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Some kind of soup I've never had before. Sean Connery's favorite type of food.
Alex Trebek: Any food item, it really doesn't matter. Just a food. Let's see what you put.
Sean Connery wrote, "What is miso". Very good! The first correctly answered question of the day, miso is a kind of soup. And he wagered.. horny. Miso. Horny.
by John Smith October 17, 2004
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Miso's can be guys or girls of any age. Miso beasically stands for miscellaneous and Miso is various styles eg. emo, punk, goth, scene kid and preps put all together for people who want to be different but don't fit in any of the other groups perfectly. Everything is mixed. You can be who you want, within few 'guidlines' of who Misos are.
Mix and match styles
Have two headphones in your ears as much as possible, not one, get the full experience of the music. If someone wants to talk to you, pause your tunes and take em out!
Don't have a Flixster. Honestly it's just showing off. There's more things in life than taking photos of yourself everyday and putting them on the web
Myspace, bebo, the rest -if you want
Piercings are optional
Ipods make you cool
iMacs rock but Windows is cool.
The Miso symbol is making your fingers in the shape of an M. You do this by making the number three with your pointer finger, middle finger and ring finger, then face your hand down, this makes the M.
Misos can be a fan of any band you like and you're not put down for liking any bands that others may not. You wear a mix of different styles in clothing for eg. you can wear all black like a goth, have punk hair and emo make up. It's what you make of it. You can look emo and have blonde hair, go crazy. Images soon...ask us

by Elly and Dana March 9, 2008
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The acronym standing for "my internet shut off!". Used in an intense instant-messaging conversation that ended abruptly.

Pronounced mee-soh, as in the traditional Japanese soup served with tofu.
beBeHdoLL2: baby i miss you! i havent seen you in 4 hours!!
"LiLBbaLLa4LyPhe" signed off at 10:39:02 PM.
"LilBbaLLa4LyPhe" signed on at 10:39:10 PM
beBeHdoLL2: ...
LilBbaLLa4LyPhe: i'm soo sorry babe! miso!
by butterflygangster April 6, 2008
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an acronym for "my internet shut off," used in conversations via internet when facebook chat is faulty and your messages don't go through, or when your instant messenger quits abruptly
Spencer:guess what!
Rachel: what?
Spencer is offline.
Spencer is online.
Rachel: wtf
Spencer: shit, sorry. miso!
by <3insf December 20, 2009
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